These Superfoods Are Packaged With Youthful Designs

As the demand for healthier food options increases along with their availability, companies must become more creative with their superfood branding. 'Today Super Foods' uses bright colors and playful designs to package its products.

Designed by 'Mara Rodriguez Design,' this superfood branding was created with the hopes of evoking a youthful, 'Instagrammer' aesthetic. The result is a variety of powdered superfoods such as acai, blueberry, goji berries and chlorella that are represented with playful patterns and bright colors. Each package features themes such as dots, waves or crosses and lacks the emphasis on symmetry that is seen on most branding.

By creating a brand identity that goes along with today's popular "Instagram lifestyle," Today Super Foods is ensuring that it stays relevant and has potential marketing opportunities on social media platforms.