This Cup Design Makes Individual Cups of "Filter Coffee"

 - Jul 19, 2016
References: & packagingoftheworld
"Filter coffee" is a popular coffee brewing method in India that involves mixing frothed milk with ground coffee in an Indian coffee filter. The result is a delicious coffee drink that designer Naveesh Khattar and Naveen Kesavan have created a simplified filter for.

The 'UFO Filter Coffee' mug was created by the designers at MIT's Institute of Design. The mug has two functions -- to make and hold filter coffee. It works by adding a coffee ground-filled module at the top and pouring hot water through the module. When milk and sugar are added, this mug holds a simple cup of coffee that was made with relative ease. The packaging of this product shows popular brewing methods, the benefits of coffee consumption and some coffee-related facts.

This quirky product simplifies the process of making coffee for the sake of time and to minimize effort.