These Sweet and Savory Condiments are Made with a Unique Ingredient

 - Jul 11, 2016
References: & packagingoftheworld
Creative Agency 'DekoRatio Branding & Design Studio' has designed vibrant condiment jars that reflect their contents.

'Inulinu' creates its condiments with the "Jerusalem artichoke" -- a healthy root vegetable that is "regarded as many people as an elixir." Although it is a vegetable, the root is used to make all of the condiments in this brand -- from mustard and ketchup to apricot and strawberry jam. The studio designed two different types of packaging for these condiment jars -- the first being a series that feature bold colors that reflect the colors of their contents. The second line is made from organically grown ingredients and has a more rustic aesthetic with illustrations of the condiment's ingredients.

This packaging is clearly labeled, transparent and effectively reflects the unique ingredients and healthy qualities of the condiments it contains.