Laird's Superfood Creamers are a Non-Dairy Creamer Alternative

 - Jul 21, 2016
References: lairdsuperfood & preparedfoods
Famous surfer Laird Hamilton has developed a line of Superfood Creamers that give consumers a dairy-free alternative to traditional creamers. Made from natural ingredients and packed with functional benefits, Hamilton's non-dairy creamers are likely to appeal to health-consumers.

Hamilton developed his Superfood Creamers based on ingredients that he has long been adding to his coffee to give him a competitive edge in surfing competitions. As a result, he developed a variety of non-dairy creamers made from healthy ingredients such as coconut milk, red palm oil and a calcified sea algae called Aquamin. These ingredients were used to create a Top Fuel Creamer for athletes and a Superfood Powder Creamer for ordinary consumers looking for a dairy-free creamer alternative.

Available in both a powdered form and single-serve liquid packets, the non-dairy creamer gives consumers a new way to enhance their coffee.