Oscar Mayer's P3 Portable Protein Packs are a Healthy Energy Source

 - Jul 4, 2016
References: facebook & proteinproteinprotein
Oscar Mayer's P3 Portable Protein Packs poke fun at modern energy bars and pre-mixed powders and embrace the traditional protein trio of "meat, cheese and nuts." The meat manufacturer is a household name known for its selection of tasty and convenient hot dogs and hopes to attract a more health-conscious demographic with these portable and nutritious snack packs.

The portable protein packs are available in four delicious varieties and 14 different flavors. These include nut cluster packs along with original, grilled and deli snacks -- each featuring a different meat variety and cheese companion.

Appealing to carnivores who crave meat and cheese while on the go, these energy-boosting snacks are a healthy alternative to junk food or similar protein sources that can feature artificial additives and a high sugar count.