The 'Nutty Goodness' Range is a Healthy Alternative to Chips

With the growing demand for healthier snack options, Nutty Goodness is giving consumers a tasty alternative to chips. Made with nutrient-rich ingredients and exciting flavor combinations, the fruit leather snacks are likely to appeal to health-conscious consumers.

The Nutty Goodness range is a line of fruit leather snacks cut into bite-sized triangular shapes. The chips are made by blending fresh and quick freeze fruits with nuts and then dehydrating the entire mixture. The result is a raw fruit leather that is cut into triangular shapes similar to tortilla chips. The company makes a wide range of different chip flavors, including one with berries and hazelnuts and one with ginger, dates and almonds.

Perfect for sharing or eating on the go, the tasty fruit chips are a healthier snack option for consumers.