Pots & Co. Packages Its Desserts in Reusable Ceramic Containers

 - Jul 16, 2016
References: potsandco
Pots & Co. makes an assortment of single-serve desserts in the form of custards and puddings that are packaged and served in reusable ceramic containers.

These gluten-free and vegetarian-friendly dairy desserts offer an upscale way to serve dessert. Because each pot is ceramic, they can be stored chilled in the fridge and individually added to the oven for heating. Once the desserts have been consumed, the ramekins can simply be washed and used for heating other desserts or other purposes. Pots & Co. suggests using the small bowls to grow seedlings, store jewelry or hold tea lights.

The Vanilla & Chocolate Pot was named the Best Dairy Dessert at this year's World Dairy Innovation Awards.