Gold&Green Foods Uses Oats to Make Its 'Pulled&Shredded' Vegan Pork

 - Mar 3, 2016
References: goldandgreenfoods & clearlyveg
Gold&Green Foods is a start-up based in Helsinki that's on a mission to introduce its protein-rich vegan pork product to the world.

'Pulled&Shredded' is an inventive product that emulates pulled pork without the animal ingredients. Instead, the company uses a blend of oats and broad beans to recreate the distinctive texture of the meat product. This imitation meat product looks extremely convincing and comes in Nude, as well as a range of pre-seasoned gourmet flavors like Kaffir Lime Sesame Ginger and Tomato Smoked Pepper Coriander.

In line with the a rise of health consciousness, a new wave of vegans are looking for mock meat products made from the purest and simplest natural ingredients. In addition to being a leader on this front, Gold&Green Foods is joined by companies that produce imitation shrimp from algae and meat substitutes from jackfruit.