Upton's Naturals Uses Jackfruit as a Plant-Based Alternative to Meat

 - Jan 6, 2016
References: uptonsnaturals
Jackfruit may be a member of the fig and mulberry family, but its unique flavor and texture also make it a satisfying alternative to meat. The jackfruit is rich is dietary fiber, minerals, vitamins and energy, yet it contains no saturated fats or cholesterol. In addition to these benefits, it also has the ability to accept flavors that are given to it. Upton's Naturals uses jackfruit for its Bar-B-Que and Chili Lime Carnitas flavors.

In place of meat products, this pre-seasoned and packaged jackfruit can be used as a substitute for sandwiches, tacos, rice dishes, salads and more.

While there are now tons of imitation meat products on the market for vegans and vegetarians, there is also beginning to be a return to simple plant-based options as an alternative to meat.