Cafe Vecino Created These Brightly Colored Coffee Bags

 - May 25, 2015
References: packagingoftheworld & packageinspiration
Mara Rodríguez is a Spanish designer who created these brightly colored contemporary coffee packages that are very different from traditionally darker, earth-toned packages. The idea behind the packaging was to make the coffee stand out in grocery stores and super markets among the various other brands.

Rodríguez began with a white background and added one color to each different type of coffee from decaf to regular. The contemporary coffee packages use of the colors red, blue, teal and green that are eye-catching and pop off the white backdrop. With large lettering and the use of sans-serif typography, the packing is well rounded and balanced.

Each bag has a large letter the takes up a majority of the front of the package making it easy for customers to differentiate between which type of coffee they are purchasing.