Powell & Mahoney's Premium Drinks Boast Eco Carton Packaging

Powell & Mahoney's premium cocktail mixes are packaged in eco-friendly cartons that are color-coded according to flavor. Exuding an artisanal air, these cocktail mix packs come in three premium flavors including Margarita, Peach Bellini and Bloody Mary.

The iconic mixed drinks are a staple of any bar but are usually packaged in glass or plastic bottles when offered in store. Despite of its unconventional carton approach, Powell & Mahoney chooses packaging that is both chic and sustainable. The brand's products are marketed as organic and all-natural, making them a healthier alternative to the classic and sugar-filled cocktail.

In addition to being eco friendly, Powell & Mahoney's cocktail mix cartons feature artful typography details and are inspired by vintage drink recipes. This product will appeal to budding mixologists and cocktail enthusiasts with an appreciation fro organic ingredients.