This New Type of English Gin is Made with 62 Ants Per Bottle

 - May 24, 2015
References: telegraph & beveragedaily
Gin Tailor of the Cambridge Distillery has teamed up with Nordic Food Lab to create an insect-infused English gin called Anty Gin. Each bottle of English wheat-based Anty Gin contains 62 red wood ants. Other ingredients include Bulgarian juniper berries, botanical wood avens, nettle and alexanders seed.

Red wood ants have the ability to produce formic acid, which is a reactive to alcohol and releases aromatic esters. This creates a citrus taste that complements the earthy ingredients in the English gin.

The idea for Anty Gin was conjured up by the non-for-profit company, Nordic Food Lab, in its mission to broaden taste buds and seek out unconventionally edible substances. After producing 99 bottles of Anty Gin, there are plans to develop further insect-infused alcohols.

Insects area widely overlooked nutritious food source that Cambridge Distillery and Nordic Food Lab plan to utilize.