This Handy Workbench Contains a Number of Kitchen Accessories

German deisgners Johannes Schreiter and Joseph Schreiter recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for a handy workbench that directly attaches to your kitchen countertop. For consumers with small kitchens and limited counter space, this clever device helps you design a more functional workstation.

The 'FRANKFURTER BRETT' is more than just a cutting board. The clever device functions as a handy workbench that attaches directly to your cutting surface. The workbench contains integrated extendable brackets, which can be used to hold various sized containers. These extendable brackets are on three of the four sides of the device, ensuring that you can use the workbench from nearly every angle. The device helps provide additional storage for prepping ingredients, collecting food scraps and storing kitchen tools.

The handy workbench is both functional and durable enough for daily use, making it the ultimate accessory for small kitchens everywhere.