This Handy Cutlery Cleaner Makes It Easier to Wash Cooking Utensils

 - Jul 22, 2015
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'Evriholder' has designed a handy cutlery cleaner that helps to make post-meal cleanup fast and easy. For those without a dishwasher, hand-washing cutlery can be a grueling and time-consuming task. This clever device helps to makes the cleanup process faster and significantly more efficient.

The cutlery cleaner features powerful suction cups that allow you to mount it to the inside of your sink. To use the device, simply add detergent and then insert your cooking utensils. The sink-mounted cleaner contains a series of non-scratch bristles that help to remove leftover food and greasy residue. The device can accommodate cutlery, utensils and kitchen knives, making it a handy tool for post-meal cleanup.

While the Evriholder cutlery cleaner doesn't make dishwashing any more fun, it certainly does help speed up the process.