From Record-Based Alphabet Art to Floating Flatware Utensils

 - Aug 1, 2015
The top August 2015 modern trends showcase a variety of ultramodern movements within the design industry and beyond.

While minimalism persists as a main facet of modern design language, so too does the opposite, with over-the-top designs finding a place against the grain and gaining attention because of it. A streamlined cat cave provides a playful home for feline friends that sits suspended from the ceiling and adds an artistic feel to any space.

Similarly, modern art innovations have implications that reach further than the commercial art world alone. Modern furniture and everyday household items are frequently fused with ultramodern designs that provide an elevated function as well as an aesthetically pleasing element.

Upcycled materials also play a large role in the top August 2015 modern trends, with plenty of innovative art structures assembled from reclaimed material such as plastic bottle caps dominate the notable lists.