This Artists Uses Inkblots to Create Charming Monster Cartoons

 - Jul 11, 2015
References: dailymonster & designtaxi
Los Angeles-based artist Stefan G. Bucher has designed a new art series that uses inkblots to create quirky monster cartoons. While inkblots may seem like an unlikely source of inspiration, the unusual patterns and dramatic smudges are perfect for enhancing Bucher's zany illustrations.

Bucher uses inkblots that have formed randomly and lets the arbitrary designs inspire his creations. He forms each character around the inkblot to produce quirky, yet charming monster cartoons. Bucher uses an unorthodox range of tools in order to complete each illustration, including the bristles of a toothbrush and special sprays that help to vary the ink marks.

While the medium may be unconventional, Bucher's designs manage to turn unsightly ink smudges into works of art.