These Elastic Moving Lights Combine Easy Motion and Sleek Ceramics

 - Jul 23, 2015
References: marta-bordes & contemporist
Marta Bordes designed these moving lights called Elastic Lights that are made to be played with. These creative lamps are made of two pieces of ceramics that are held together with a colorful elastic band.

The base of these Elastic Lights resemble an elongated cylinder and the head of the lamp mirrors the base in a shorter style. There is an elastic band that connects the very top of the lamp with the very base. The brightly colored elastic band forms a zigzag pattern around the entire lamp. It also provides the lamp with an ample range of movement.

The moving lights are available in different styles that can change the placement of the elastic to allow for different movements. There is also a variety of colors and the lamps can be hung in a chandelier style or set up as a desk light.