These Tattoos are Transferred to Human Skin Through the Use of UV Rays

 - Jul 23, 2015
References: rvb-books &
French artist Thomas Mailaender photographed a series of models with images printed on their sunburned skin. While the photo series certainly doesn't promote sun safety, it does provide stunning visual imagery.

To create the sunburn-based tattoos, Mailaender started with a series of negatives selected from the Archive of Modern Conflict’s collection. He then projected a powerful UV ray over the images until they revealed an image on the surface of the skin. Because the images are fleeting, Mailaender had to be quick to capture the pictures before the sun caused them to disappear. There are 23 different pictures in the series and each features a model with sunburned skin and the faint image of a vintage photograph.

The full collection of photographs can be found in Mailaender's new book, 'Illustrated People.'