Bence Agoston's Unique Glasses Mimic the Experience of a Drug Trip

 - Jul 22, 2015
References: facebook & mocoloco
Rather than taking some sort of mind-altering substance to bring on a psychedelic trip, designer Bence Agoston created a pair of unique glasses to simulate these sorts of visuals.

The 3D-printed Mood sunglasses feature an unusual, undulating frame that is slotted with spaces for six layered lenses. Each lens is printed with a colorful hallucinatory pattern and when rotated, the lenses put a number of psychedelic-inspired visuals before the eyes of the wearer. Since these lenses can be swapped out and used in multiple configurations, the possibilities for what a user will see could be endless.

In terms of use, Agoston imagines that someone might want to onset a drug-free psychedelic experience when listening to music or gazing out a window during a travel adventure to inspire reflections on harmony.