These Stacked Ceramic Platforms Highlight Maruhiro's Tableware

 - Jul 23, 2015
References: dezeen & dezeen
Tokyo designer Yusuke Seki created an artistic display of stacked ceramic cups, plates and bowls that are presented as elevated stages and platforms. In order to showcase the ceramic shop and Maruhiro's products this designer used actual ceramic items.

Using 25,000 imperfect ceramic objects that were discarded from local production factories, this designer found a purpose for them. The upcycled stacked ceramics are used to elevate the products sold at Maruhiro. This allows the ceramic shop to display its products at eye-level. In addition it creates an interactive display that consumers can actually walk across.

Each ceramic cup and bowl is filled with concrete, which allows the stacked objects to be sturdy. This essentially transforms the tableware into usable bricks. This minimalist storefront creates and exciting yet simple consumer-focused display.