The 'La Casa Por El Tejado' Project Aims to Combat Urban Sprawl

Developers in Barcelona, Spain are working on a new project that aims to combat urban sprawl through the use of prefabricated apartment units. As many cities continue to grow, one of the major problems is that they tend to grown outward. The 'La Casa Por El Tejado' project is working to combat this kind of urban sprawl by building upwards instead of outwards.

The new project is centered around installing a series of lightweight, prefabricated apartment units on top of old rooftops. These units are easy to transport and can be assembled and fully installed in only a few months. According to researchers, there is about 800,000 square meters of space available on disused rooftops throughout the city. By taking advantage of these existing buildings and structures, the city can build up and prevent the spread of urban sprawl.