This Artist Recreates Daily Objects as Massive Sculpture Replicas

 - Jul 14, 2015
References: romuloceldran & mymodernmet
Artist Rómulo Celdrán created a series of over-sized household item sculpture replicas. Every item -- from an ice cube tray to a bottle cap -- contains immaculate details that are blown up to an extremely unrealistic size.

These larger-than-life sculptures are part of Rómulo Celdrán's series called Maco. The items are scaled hundreds of times large than the actual items they are mimicking. In some cases, the items such as the pop can sculpture replica is even larger than the average man.

Each item is created using different materials. The impeccable details reveal true stories of these common household items. For example, there is a sculpture of a pen lid is decorated with bite marks from the wear and tear of enduring daily encounters with writer's block.