This Device Allows You to Store Veggies at Room Temperature

 - Jul 13, 2015
References: jarre & kickstarter
A group of Montreal-based designers have developed an electricity-free solution for fruit and vegetable storage. Most fruits and vegetables aren't suited to refrigerator temperatures, meaning they deteriorate more rapidly when placed in the fridge. 'La Denise' solves this problem by providing an easy way of storing fruits and vegetables at room temperature.

La Denise is made up of three components, each of which is designed for specific fruit and vegetable storage. The first is a simple box that can be used to store vegetables vertically. This box contains sand, which helps to preserve the natural moisture found in root vegetables. The second component is a ceramic tray fitted with wooden slats. This tray allows you to water certain fruits and vegetables in order to keep them hydrated. The last component is a dark box intended for potatoes, apples, garlic and onions.

La Denise not only helps to ensure your fruits and vegetables remain fresh, but it also helps to prevent food waste by prolonging the life of these delicate ingredients.