These Band-Aid Graham Crackers are a Yummy But Gross Halloween Snack

This especially gross Halloween treat looks just like real used Band-Aids, but tastes like a delicious treat.

The gross Halloween recipe is sinfully simple. All un-squeamish cooks have to do is break graham crackers into rectangular pieces and then spread a white icing square onto each one, replicating the gauze patch on a Band-Aid. To finish the gross Halloween dessert off, each Band-Aid cookie is topped with a dollop of raspberry or strawberry jelly, creating the effect of a small dot of blood.

Many gory Halloween desserts are so extreme that while they may be a bit cringe-worthy, it's obvious that they must be food in disguise, like massive brain-shaped cakes and denture sandwich cookies. This gross Halloween recipe, on the other hand, is simple and ordinary enough that it's likely to fool people at first glance -- making it as icky as it is tasty.