These Mini Ghouls are Made Using Icing, Kit-Kat Bars and Candy Toppings

 - Oct 2, 2015
References: sheknows & sheknows
These delicious candy creations are the perfect way to repurpose Halloween candy into new deliciously spooky desserts. This recipe instructs how to make adorable little monsters using icing, chocolate bars and candy toppings.

The best part of these monster candies is that the baking is already done and all you have to do is get creative with the decorating and assembling. The monster bodies are made from a variety of flavored Kit-Kat bars in matcha, orange and chocolate flavorings. The Kit-Kats are then decorated with colorful icing, candy corns and edible eyes to add details to the monster's faces. Each candied monster can be decorated completely differently to add variety.

These monster sweets would be great to serve at a party or to have children put together in anticipation for Halloween.