These Halloween Lollipops Feature a Delicious Arachnid

 - Oct 29, 2014
References: hotlix & refinery29
The scorpion sucker by Hotlix will make a delectable Halloween lollipop.

If you really want to freak your friends out (not to mention trick-or-treators) hand them one of these truly frightening treats. Bonus points if they have a deathly fear of arachnids. Can you imagine the look on their face? Not to mention the blood-curdling scream coming out of their mouth.

The company claims that it is, indeed, a real scorpion inside the fruit-flavored lollipop, but only you'll be able to verify that! The pops come in apple, banana, blueberry or strawberry flavors. And don't worry, there's no scorpion venom included in the recipe -- just a little bit of a high-protein crunch! Talk about a healthy Halloween treat.