This Reusable Adhesive is Perfect for Fixing All Kinds of Items

 - Jul 8, 2015
References: sugru & psfk
'Sugru' is a revolutionary reusable adhesive that can be used to fix everything from the holes in your shoes to damaged computer cables. The durable Play-Doh like material is the perfect DIY solution for fixing minor issues around your house.

When exposed to air, Sugru forms a durable silicone rubber that will adhere to nearly any material. The grippy material easily bonds to a variety of surfaces, including glass, ceramic, wood, metal, plastic and fabric. Once attached, the rubber adhesive can withstand nearly any conditions. The material is waterproof and will remain stable in both extreme cold and extreme heat. While Sugru forms a strong and secure bond, it is also reusable. This means that you can easily peel it off of any object and repurpose it for another project.

The durable adhesive comes in 10 different colors and can be used for everything from crafts to DIY repairs.