The 'Zettel'z 5' Chandelier Come Packed with Customizable Features

 - Mar 29, 2016
References: lumens & ippinka
The 'Zettel'z 5' chandelier is no ordinary paper chandelier, but rather a piece of customized home decor that can be outfitted to your exact specifications. Featuring 80 clips in total with matching pieces of paper to boot, the 'Zettel'z 5' chandelier encourages users to customize each sheet. This can be utilized to create custom artworks to be clipped onto the chandelier to create a customized chandelier that's modern and truly one-of-a-kind.

The market for customized products is showing little sign of slowing down; new products and services are being created everyday to satiate this new demand. Consumers, however, are overwhelmingly becoming makers, so products like the 'Zettel'z 5' paper chandelier that require consumer input are being developed. This shift satisfies a need for customization and a preference to DIY traditionally upscale furnishings.