These Sweet Spin on the Fast Food Side is Made Using Apples and Caramel

 - Feb 11, 2016
References: sheknows
These decadent dessert fries by She Knows contributor Nancy Foster offers a sweet alternative to conventional potato by turning apples into a delicious fried snack that is ideal for sharing. The slices are deep fried and served with a caramel dipping sauce as a sugary alternative to French fries.

Fries are ideal for sharing because they are meant to be enjoyed as finger food which makes them ideal appetizers -- or in this case, desserts. The apple fries are made using fresh Granny Smith applies that are sliced into strips like a potato would be. The apples are then drenched in a sugar coating of cornstarch and cinnamon and deep fried. The finish product boasts a crispy exterior and a soft centre texture. Rather than Ketchup, these fruit fries are dipped in a vanilla caramel sauce.