the Grasshopper Mousse Pie Blizzard is returning for St. Patrick's Day

 - Mar 4, 2016
References: dairyqueen & brandeating
To celebrate St. Patrick's Day 2016, Dairy Queen is bringing back its Grasshopper Mousse Pie Blizzard. While many restaurants are honoring the annual Irish holiday with green beers and special deals on Guinness, this dessert provides a deliciously non-alcoholic way to join the celebration.

The Grasshopper Mousse Pie Blizzard is inspired by the grasshopper cocktail, which is a mint-flavored drink that is bright green in color. The Dairy Queen version of the famous cocktail swaps the booze for non-alcoholic ingredients to create a minty ice cream treat. The Irish-inspired Blizzard is made from vanilla soft serve, green mint syrup, graham cracker crumbs, choco chunks and finished with whipped topping. The dessert itself is bright green, giving it a distinct St. Patrick's Day look.

The delicious dessert is the perfect way for children and adults to indulge in the annual Irish holiday.