Burger King Japan's Newest Dishes Feature Unusual Burger Toppings

Burger King Japan recently introduced three new dishes with unusual burger toppings. Over the years, numerous fast food companies have attempted to cater to adventurous foodies with unexpected ingredients and exotic flavor combinations. This new burger menu includes sweet and savory additions for a unorthodox fast food experience.

Burger King Japan's menu now includes three new burger options: the Monster Baby, the Double BBQ and the Hash & Cheese. The former consists of a pork patty and a spicy chicken patty, topped with red miso, fire teriyaki sauce, mayo, onion and lettuce. The Double BBQ combines sweet and savory elements with two pork patties topped with onion, lettuce, mustard, mayo, dates and honey. Finally, the Hash & Cheese features a pork patty, a hash brown, cheddar cheese, cheese sauce and Caesar sauce.

The unusual burger toppings are designed to appeal to consumers who are always on the lookout for new and exotic flavor combinations.