From Beach Ball Soda Bottles to Skin-Toned Packaging

 - May 1, 2016
The most popular May 2016 branding ideas indicate that many leading brands are anticipating the arrival of summer with fun, uplifting designs. This includes soda bottles that turn into beach balls once emptied, popsicles that reveal a surprise inside and beverage cans that are printed with song lyrics.

Branding and packaging are being styled to exude freshness, which can be seen in designs like Siya's juice bottles, single-serve soup containers from Campbell's and Sonoco TruVue food cans that are semi-transparent.

Some of the most inventive materials used in the top branding ideas for May promote a product using straw, soap-based packaging and even bubble wrap. The use of these offbeat items inspire engagement and tap into emotions that a consumer associates with the familiar materials.