Choco Chou's Brand Identity References Iconic Storybook Imagery

 - Apr 19, 2016
These fairytale chocolate wrappers are created for snack company Choco Chou. Conceived by designer Marijke Buurlage, each packaging concept is inspired by classic storybook characters and is vivid in its overall visual aesthetic.

Based in The Netherlands, Buurlage references stories like The Ugly Duckling, Little Red Riding Hood and Alice in Wonderland when creating her striking chocolate wrappers. Choco Chou's fairytale chocolate branding is an ode to iconic stories for children and features nostalgic illustrations that capture the theme of each reference flawlessly.

Whether featuring a shrunken Alice who roams a new-found wonderland or Aladdin as he rubs his magic lamp, these chocolate wrappers catch a viewer's eye while introducing new generations to iconic fairytales that have withstood the test of time.