From Pastel Popsicle Packaging to Kidcore Burger Branding

 - Apr 26, 2016
These examples of food packaging for kids hope to catch the eyes of today's youth by taking a page out of the past and introducing new and improved features.

Two great example of this include Kellogg’s Retro Edition series, as well as General Mills' Monster Cereals, which has its iconic characters reinterpreted by DC comic book artists. Another fresh take on cereal box packaging comes from Nutri-Grain, which created a modern take on in-box prizes by including a VR headset that could be clipped out.

Peruvian burger chain Bembos themed its entire collection of product branding around colorful 90s culture, while Leone's Candy Originals are packaged in authentic vintage-style tins. Other standout nostalgic packaging examples for kids reference classic elements of childhood, including board games, rock collections and fairy tales.