The New Dr Pepper Labels Celebrate Millennial Self-Expression

In an effort to reach younger consumers, Dr Pepper is launching a new campaign that celebrates millennial self-expression. It is no secret that millennials love personalization and opportunities to express their individually. This campaign taps into the demand for more personalized packaging with hundreds of unique label designs.

The new 'Pick Your Pepper' campaign is a summer initiative that aims to celebrate millennial self-expression. To do so, Dr Pepper is releasing hundreds of one-of-a-kind labels that fans can collect. These labels are designed to appeal to a wide variety of consumers, with designs revolving around cats, vinyl records, fashion, games and more. The idea is that labels will give millennials "a chance to let their individuality shine" by selecting a bottle that complements their interests.

Following in the footsteps of soda brands such as Coca-Cola and Pepsi, the new campaign demonstrates an effort to reach a greater number of millennial consumers.