This Concept for 'Absinthesis' Imagines Packaging with a Glitch

To convey some of the effects of drinking absinthe, this concept for absinthe bottles by Yevgeny Razumov and Pavel Gubin imagines packaging that's disrupted by a "glitch."

The bottles adopt a fairly conventional shape overall, barring the center of the bottles that are warped and distorted so that the label is beyond recognition. Outside of the swirl of colors, the branding for 'Absinthesis' can be seen, introducing the high-quality "Absinthe Supérieure."

As well as featuring a green-tinged bottle for the original recipe, this concept imagines that there would be other color-coded varieties that differ in color based on the extracts that would be added to each absinthe drink, such as blue lotus and red pomegranate.