The New Campbell's Soup Containers are Clear to Convey Freshness

 - Apr 22, 2016
References: silgancontainers & packworld
Soup containers are often solid to prevent consumers from seeing what's inside, so the new Campbell's single-serve soup packaging is created a little differently. Featuring a see-thru aesthetic that enables consumers to actually see the soup within, the new packaging is also more efficient than the previous design. Capable of being warmed in just 15-seconds, the Campbell's soup packaging is highly recyclable and also features an easy open lid.

Convenience reigns supreme for a large segment of consumers; products that enable them to maintain their busy, on the go lifestyles are a surefire way to help move product. The new Campbell's single-serve soup container moves in this direction to offer a more effective way to enjoy soup on the go and also to eat with your eyes thanks to the upfront design.