The Importers Coffee Capsule Boxes Denotes Playfulness and Style

Coffee is a product that can take on a ton of different personalities and yet more often than not companies and brands like to focus on its warm and sophisticated qualities -- not so with the Importers Coffee Capsule Boxes. Although still undeniably chic, the use of vibrant colors and stylish typography gives the overall design a playful vibe that will appeal to a wider range of customers.

Designed by storm wiggett, an ad agency based in South Africa, the Importers Coffee Capsule Boxes specifically involve the brand's Dolce Gusto line. Interestingly, Packaging Inspiration reports, "With a 40% increase in sales since their design rebrand, these boxes just add to their new show stopping range." That's a huge bump, especially if its attributed closely to the package redesign. Refreshing a brand is key.