Tommy's Superfoods Newest Frozen Food Bags Pair Bacon and Vegetables

Two of the newest gluten-free and low-sodium frozen food products from Tommy's Superfoods introduce simple combinations of bacon and vegetables.

'Natural Greens with Bacon' and 'Asparagus with Bacon' are two easy-to-make sides that provide healthy, yet flavorful meal options that are seasoned with wholesome natural ingredients like lemon juice and garlic. These bacon-infused versions of kale, collard greens and asparagus will be extremely appealing to those who might not otherwise consider putting these healthy greens on their plates. Right out of the freezer, these heat-and-eat meals are easily prepared in a matter of minutes.

There are entire restaurants, cookbooks and blogs devoted to the school of thought that "everything is better with bacon." Rather than going wild with the bacon-to-vegetable ratio, Tommy's Superfoods provides a healthy, yet flavorful balance of meat and vegetables.