Agata Jeziurska Creates Bold Packaging for Spices Like Garlic and Chili

 - Apr 19, 2016
While packaging for spices is often more understated than it is exciting, these ingredient boxes take a different and more artistic approach to food branding. Created by Polish designer Agata Jeziurska, the containers for spices like garlic powder, chili and star anise feature unique illustrations and typography that is fashion-forward and eye-catching.

Agata Jeziurska's brand identity project combines watercolor illustrations of each familiar spice with geometric and abstract elements that are blended to create stunning collages. Bringing a modernist design aesthetic to life, each box is also accented with a contemporary typeface and a short blurb that describes every one of its ingredients in detail.

These packaging for spices defies convention and is designed to appeal to artisanal food fans with an eye for design.