Carl's Jr. is Testing Out a Range of Burgers with Unexpected Toppings

 - Apr 18, 2016
References: brandeating
In an effort to cater to customers who are constantly looking for outrageous fast food creations, Carl's Jr. is testing out a range of burgers with unexpected toppings. While the chain has experimented with hybrid dishes in the past, its latest creations are unlike anything customers have seen before.

The experimental burger range was revealed to the staff at E! back in February when the team was given a tour of the Carl's Jr. headquarters. Each of the new burgers features unexpected toppings taken from other popular dishes. There are three new Thickburger creations, including one with meatballs, one with mac n' cheese and one with pepperoni slices. There is also a hybrid burrito-burger topped with seasoned ground beef, tortilla chips and pepper jack cheese.

While there is no word on whether the hybrid burgers will ever make it to the Carl's Jr. menu, the experimental creations demonstrate the kinds of ingredients the chain is using to attract new customers.