These Taco Cups are Filled with Healthy Ingredients such as Butternut Squash

 - Feb 9, 2016
References: sheknows
Offering a healthier alternative to fast food Mexican fare are these taco cups that offer a vegetarian filling made from healthy ingredients in a portion control size that is ideal for wholesome snacking. The dish is made using wonton wrappers folded inside a muffin tin to create a reduced sodium shell that still retains the same crunchy texture as a tortilla.

The Mini Muffin Tin Vegetarian Taco Cups by lifestyle blog She Knows is an incredibly easy dish to make for group events or parties. The tacos are reduced in size, but contain the same rich tastes and flavor with healthier food substitutes. Rather than using beef, the wonton taco shells are filled with refried beans and butternut squash and then topped with sour cream, cheese, tomatoes, corn and cilantro.