These Sweet Potato Chocolate Cupcakes are for Gardeners with a Sweet Tooth

These Sweet Potato Chocolate Cupcakes are a great way to get your favorite green-thumbed chocolate lover smiling. Baked by the blogger Nina from the German baking blog 'Nina Kleiner Food-Blog,' these spud bearing sweets come complete with skillfully crafted toppers and a sweet surprise.

The perfect dessert for gardening enthusiasts, these rich chocolate cakes conceal petite pieces of marzipan shaped like potatoes. The cakes are topped with a sinful dark chocolate cream cheese icing coated in cupcake crumbs to simulate soil. To finish the earthy sweets off, Nina created tiny potato plants out of set royal icing. There isn't a cupcake more fitting for your next garden party than these Sweet Potato Chocolate Cupcakes.

Cute, clever and delicious to boot, these harvest-happy cakes are the perfect way to show your favorite gardener a little love.