The Cuvee Chocolat Shop by Delia Bertato Promises to Cure All Ailments

 - Mar 6, 2011
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For some, chocolate is a panacea, and the Cuvee Chocolat shop by Delia Bertato is a concept that plays on that very theme. The shop features a pharmacy, intensive-care unit lounge and a first-aid vending machine to deliver curative chocolate products divided into diseases like Stress, Heartbreak, Beauty, Bodycare, Inhibition and Low Battery.

These mock-ups for the concept Cuvee Chocolat Shop by Delia Bertato illustrate how this pharmacy-inspired boutique will play up its medical connotations. Stark-white walls and glass panels emulate the clinical nature of a hospital, while vibrant neon-lit columns and linear floor decals steer customers to color-coordinated products.

The intensive-care unit at the Cuvee Chocolat Shop by Delia Bertato is the area that inspires me most, however. This lounge, meant as a space for customers to relax and eat chocolate, features egg-shaped seats, domed overhead lights and the same stark-white aesthetic featured in the other rooms.