The '#WhyIMarch' Campaign Shows Women Speaking Up

 - Jan 18, 2017
References: ecosalon
The #WhyIMarch campaign spread online after women and men in the United States decided to explain some of the reasons why they attended the Women's March in Washington D.C. Video's such as the one released by the Tahlequah Daily Press reveal personal stories from women who have decided to participate in the protest.

Although called the Women's March, the protest is aimed at being inclusive for people of all genders, religions, and racial and cultural backgrounds. The march was planned in response to the election of Donald Trump, a fact that has left many unaware of what their future in the country will look like. The #WhyIMarch video reveals women speaking about wanting to fight for their own equality, and the rights of minorities, Native Americans, LGBTs, and veterans -- as well as for basic human values and important services such as affordable healthcare.

There are many more stories that are likely to follow in the coming days, and the hope is that this March bring's about social and political change in the United States.