'Smart About Sharks' Teaches Kids and Adults Fun Shark Facts

 - Aug 10, 2016
References: winkbooks.net & boingboing.net
Elementary school kids with a yen for sharks will love 'Smart About Sharks,' the second animal-themed educational book by Owen Davey. Following his previous release, 'Mad About Monkeys,' Davey's new book goes deep about the ocean-dwelling predators that have captured imaginations since 'Jaws.'

Smart About Sharks provides all sorts of information on sharks, ranging from fun little facts to technical information. On the lighter side, facts include things like tiny sharks that grow to the size of a pencil and sharks that have glow-in-the-dark mouths. Technical info includes anatomy, specific species specs and reproductive facts, to name a few.

Though the illustrations in the book are minimalist, with a sensibility that attends many picture books for young children, the book's length (40 pages) and its sheer amount of information make it better suited to older kids, especially those in the later grades of elementary school.