The Huxley's Ladder Bookshelf is Scalable to Reach Items on the Top

 - Nov 10, 2016
References: yankodesign
The Huxley's Ladder Bookshelf is designed to be a versatile piece of furniture that incorporates the shelving required to keep books and nicknacks in place, while also offering a way to access them.

Large bookshelf units are often paired with a ladder in order to make accessing books easier when they are stored on the upper shelves. The design seen here, however, takes a more forward approach by incorporating the ladder directly into the design to create a piece of furniture that you are encouraged to climb on.

The Huxley's Ladder Bookshelf is the design work of Marc Scimé and are capable of being used as single units or combined to create a whole wall of shelving. They are crafted from white oak and are inherently fresh in design for the home or office space.