Bunch Helps Businesses Assess Internal Culture

 - Aug 29, 2017
References: bunch.ai & techcrunch
Companies are embracing analytical platforms for many different aspects of their businesses — from sales to human resources to so much else — but an office culture platform isn't typically an available option. Though companies pore over numbers to maximize efficiency, culture is an area that managers and executives assess with old-fashioned intuition. Now, 'Bunch' is hoping to modernize company culture by applying analytical practices to it.

Bunch is especially useful during the hiring process. Assessing candidates for culture fit is notoriously slippery. Bunch grades one's workplace and assigns it a culture profile, and then interviewing candidates take a short quiz (also provided by Bunch) to let hiring managers see how those candidates would fit in the office environment.

Bunch relies on six dimensions: Results-orientation, Adaptability, Collaborative, Detail-orientation, Principles, and Customer-orientation.