From Upscale Canadiana Loungers to Transforming Outdoor Benches

 - Oct 29, 2017
The October 2017 furniture trends are multitudinous, perhaps because October represents the first month of the year during which there isn't even a hint of summer. People return from the great outdoors into their hovels, their respites from the frigid winds of coming winter, and once inside they need objects on which to sit and contemplate the experience of the summer: its joyous highs and its sobering lows.

This isn't to say that October is spent entirely indoors. One of October's most notable events, the hallowed evening known as Halloween, takes place entirely outside. There's no requisite furniture for Halloween per se, but it there were it would be for the outdoors. It might look like a spooky version of Moroso's Arco collection, or it might look like a ghoulish remake of the Convert-a-Bench, but in either case it would serve the droves of trick-or-treaters.