The NeverEnding Table from Ola Giertz is Perfectly Symmetrical

 - Sep 7, 2017
References: & design-milk
Circles are a mythic shape, often representative of grand concepts, and Swedish designer Ola Giertz's new product, The NeverEnding Table, makes efficient use of the shape's continuity. The NeverEnding Table is indeed circular, and its bottom support is shaped exactly the same as the top, meaning that the table can roll over without losing any functionality.

Giertz table is made from molded ash wood veneers, making it look as though its hewn out of a single piece of material. That effect is essential for the look of the table as a whole, especially considering the symbolic significance of the circle mentioned above.

The NeverEnding Table serves as a fascinating bedside table or end table that can mesh with many different design aesthetics.